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QikZip was created from a desire to simplify the same-day and last-mile delivery industries. We believe managing deliveries should be quick, secure, efficient and economical — for those who deliver and the end recipient, or customers like you.

Enter QikZip, born to make your to-do list history and to get your chaos back in order. With a simple download of our innovative app, you can request personal or business deliveries—today. And before you know it, your deliveries are done & done.

Our vision is simple: We offer FREEDOM to our users, our Zippers and our business customers—those who value quick and efficient product delivery.

As a user, we offer you the FREEDOM to get your time back and do the things that matter most.

As one of our Zippers, we offer you the FREEDOM to set your own hours, earn rewards, and the ability to choose your delivery method—walking, biking or driving.

As a business customer, we offer you the FREEDOM to plug into a quick and secure delivery system that allows you to be competitive in today's market.